The Perfect Sketchbook Show

Building upon the success of The Perfect Sketchbook, Bynd Artisan is pleased to unveil INTERLACE, an exhibition in collaboration with The Perfect Sketchbook during Singapore Design Week. In concurrence, this exhibition is also part of the District Design Dialogue happening in Holland Village, where the entire district will be abuzz with installations, exhibitions, workshops and talks. 

INTERLACE celebrates the coming together of various talented and renowned artists from all over the world to showcase their masterpieces that share their passion and tell their story. These artists are not only professionals in their field, but also some of the world’s most influential and reputable figures - equipped with extensive background in the film industry such as Walt Disney, Marvel Studios and DreamWorks. Bynd Artisan has invited these artists to draw in The Perfect Sketchbook will then be exhibited in a frame that is specially designed by Bynd Artisan. 

Some of the international artists included in the line-up are: 

  • Anthony Francisco
  • Audrey
  • Catherine Hamilton
  • Don Low
  • Erwin Lian
  • Fawn Veerasunthorn
  • Hiroshi Hayakawa
  • Isabella Kung
  • Iuri Lioi
  • Jackson Dryden
  • James Gurney
  • Jerome Moo
  • Justin Pastores
  • Marvin Chew
  • Namchai Saensupha
  • Nathan Fowkes
  • Nathaniel Underwood
  • Ryan Green
  • Steve Mitchell
  • Tracy Lewis

The heart of this collective show extends beyond the sharing of creations by great minds – it commemorates the journey of The Perfect Sketchbook thus far. A project that stemmed from a request to create the finest quality sketchbook for artists has since transformed into something much more - a community where like-minded individuals who share the same passion convene to inspire and foster greater appreciation in fine arts.