Fashion Designer, Ying The Label

Ying The Label was founded by Ying in November 2014. This emerging local fashion label seeks to design everyday pieces that highlight individuality through self-designed prints and patterns.

It has not been an easy journey prior to the start of Ying The Label as Ying did not have experiences in fashion retailing despite her ardent passion for the industry. She then decided to leave her first job in the finance sector to seek employment in a fashion retailer to learn the ropes. To better equip herself for her dreams, she took up sketching and sewing courses at the same time despite her hectic work schedule.

After much preparation, Ying started her label after she left her second job at the fashion retailer. However, being a full time fashion designer does not satisfy Ying’s quest of learning. She then pursued a corporate development job in a listed company and never looked back. Ying enjoys her full time job as she is able to work on different job scope, interact with people and hence develop skills that are essential for growing her business.  Ying’s never-say-die attitude and desire for personal development have translated into sweet successes within a short span since incorporation.

Ying The Label was invited to strut the runway on the influential Digital Fashion Week (DFW) in Singapore in October 2015 and the Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week (MBSAFW) in Kuala Lumpur in November 2015.