The Hidden Good

Inspirational Journal

With the good people at The Hidden Good, we’ve put our heads and hearts together and created this beautiful set of Inspirational Journals — a pocket guide packed with 30 days of wisdom, inspiration, tips and ideas with which to nourish the soul, heart, mind and body; a great tool for anyone in search of a deeper, healthier and more sustainable relationship with happiness to build their own daily practices.

“Life is an incredibly beautiful journey that is full of ups and downs. Through these highs and lows, I’ve found that having daily practices that work for you can give you solid ground to stand on especially when the world around you feels unstable,” says Wu Jiezhen, board of director of The Hidden Good.

“Use the journal in a way that serves you: To reflect, to write down what you’re noticing about yourself and the world around you, to dream and envision possibilities, or just to scribble thoughts, ideas, hopes and lists that need a place to go,” adds our co-founder Winnie Chan.

The Inspirational Journal comes in five colours, each named after an intention and practice we believe to be a bedrock of happiness:

Light (Trust your process)

Still (The power of being)

Vision (Seeing differently)

Bloom (Grow slowly, blossom beautifully)

Joy (Uncover the joy within)



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