Dr Ng King Kang

Media Personality, Lyricist & Author, NG KING KANG

Dr Ng King Kang (吴庆康) is a media personality, lyricist and an author. A prominent figure in the media industry with nearly three decades of experience, Dr Ng has an impressive repertoire of creative work. Well-recognised as one of the most respected writers in Singapore, Dr Ng has touched the hearts of many through his compositions, be it songs for famed celebrities or through his personal books. His writing has also earned a mention by Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, at the National Day Rally 2012.

To date, Dr Ng has written twenty books, two of which in English, and is also a prolific song-writer. He has penned hundreds of Chinese songs since the mid-eighties for some notable profiles including Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Na Ying, William Su, Power Station, GiGi Leong, Dick Lee, Eric Moo, Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Mavis Hee, Jimmy Ye, Tanya Chua, Stefanie Sun etc.. As a multi-talented individual, he also sings and has recorded four albums thus far.

Also an intrepid traveller, Dr Ng captures the essence of his travels through his writing and photography. He held his first solo photography exhibition in 2015 at the Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

When Dr Ng embarked on his latest travel project, Bynd Artisan was ecstatic to help bring his creative vision to life. A 'Wish You Were Here' Box Set that embodies his love for adventure, music and photography, this is a thoughtful, heartfelt gift he has personally curated for his beloved friends.



吴庆康博士至今出版了20本文字作品,创作了无数歌词,并出版过四张个人演唱专辑。演唱过他的作品的海内外歌手包括张学友、郭富城、刘德华、那英、苏永康、动力火车、梁咏琪、李迪文、 巫启贤、范文芳、 郑惠玉、许美静、 叶良俊、 蔡健雅,以及孙燕姿等。吴庆康博士也是多届“红星大奖”最佳主题曲和“新加坡金曲奖”最佳歌词奖项的得主。

吴庆康博士热爱旅游和摄影,2015年于新加坡富丽敦酒店举办了第一场个人摄影展。为了与亲朋好友共享他的爱好与人生体验,吴庆康博士与Bynd Artisan携手共创其最新著作《只想和你去旅行》精品套装,以文字、图片,以及音乐三种媒介记录20年的旅游心情,用创意和诚意打造一份足迹典藏。