Creating a Shared Vision Together

Bynd Artisan invites practitioners from different creative fields to participate in collaborative projects. By combining traditional techniques with fresh perspectives, we open up a world of opportunities for new interpretations of classic items in our catalogue.

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The Renewal Bag

The world in 2020 has given us new eyes. Through them, we have been looking deeper inward — to un-see and re-see — who we want to be as a brand. Are we creating beautiful objects as much as we are creating important conversations and a change in the world? How may we help you consume more meaningfully? The Renewal Bag, a limited edition of upcycled, reversible totes, is one answer. The search into our hearts has led us into our archives, where we found new purpose — for Bynd Artisan and a collection of offcuts, so full of potential, longing for their moment to shine.

Because together is better, we have teamed up with Singapore designer Ying, who is on a similar journey towards a more mindful and eco-conscious approach to creation and production.

Combining the beauty of Ying’s handpainted watercolour artworks and fabrics with the luxury of Bynd Artisan’s customisable leather handles, the Renewal Bag is available in four designs, with a limited quantity of 20 pieces per design.
“We can all contribute to the change we want to see in the world through the choices we make every day,” says Winnie Chan, co-founder of Bynd Artisan. 

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