WFH Essentials, Elevated

Make Every Room A "Living" Room

What you look at and surround yourself with every day become your world and reality.

These days, home is where our world is. Fill it with beauty, joy and inspiration, and that becomes your reality. Changing things up in your environment even a little bit can make a big difference to how you feel.

From a Duo Valet Tray on your coffee table to a leather Mouse Pad on your desk, that’s how you make every room in your home a “living” room — where you never stop living your best life.

Duo Valet Tray

The Duo Valet Tray is perfect for your favourite things in your favourite spaces.

Place one on your entrance console for your keys and TraceTogether Token, another on the coffee table for your crystal collection or aromatherapy candles, and one more on your vanity table for your jewellery.

Choose a colour combination that complements your space — will it be Grey/Dark Blue, Teal/Taupe, Pink/Red, Taupe/Turquoise, or Red/Brown?

Mouse Pad

The WFH space is a sacred spot. To create a conducive atmosphere, every element must
feel and look good to welcome inspiration, focus and abundance.

The cowhide leather Mouse Pad, for example, offers a comforting soft touch underneath the computer mouse.

The Mouse Pad comes in six colours — Brown, Taupe, Red, Teal, Pink and Dark Blue.
Monogram it with your lucky word or a motivational quote, and it doubles up as your cheerleader, too.

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