Colour du Jour: Parisian Purple

You are what you wear. The colour you choose to put on every morning is how you choose to face the day ahead and tell the world who you are. For us, the colour du jour is purple. Specifically, Parisian Purple (or Millennial Purple, as some are calling it).

Purple has long been associated with royalty (purple reigns). It also possesses an aura of magic and mysticism (amethysts, anyone?). And in the fashion world, it is the flavour of the season. A child of red and blue, conceived somewhere between fire and ice, the colour purple in 2020 may very well be the balance we seek. Purple is the space between strength and softness. Between stillness and movement. Between our journey inward and out in a new world. If purple were a feeling, it would be a perfect meeting of cool autumn breeze and warm dusking sun.

Even in the in-between, remember there is beauty, hope and joy — if you choose to see it. If you choose to purple it.

Posted on 18/08/2020

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